Meet The Expert

Robert Pankuck

Robert Pankuck

Robert Pankuck is Executive Vice President, Client Management. In his position, he manages a strong team that oversees all existing client business, working with clients and their agencies to support their initiatives through the use of corporate trade.



Bob spent 25 years in the ad agency world prior to joining the company in 2009. After graduating from Bucknell University, he took his first job at Deutsch with dreams of being a copywriter but was drawn into client management. Bob spent 14 years at Grey, working on a variety of businesses, culminating in four years at the helm of the 3M account. He left Grey to run client management at Dentsu from 2006-2008. Bob lives in Oldwick, NJ with his wife Jackie and twin daughters Grace and Emma. He runs half-marathons with his daughters when his body permits.

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